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Care Coordination Services

Caring Child

Care Coordination focuses on behavioral / mental health needs and referrals to appropriate services. In addition, referrals may also be offered for mentorship, youth development and other programs. 


Care Coordination Services are available to youth, ages 11-18, and their families who reside in Norwalk. Referrals for care coordination come from various sources, including:

Care Coordination Services consists of an initial assessment of needs, generally conducted in person or virtually via a platform such as zoom. Although behavioral health (counseling/therapy) needs are a primary focus, other needs which a youth and family may require or benefit are also assessed. These might include mentorship, a youth development program, a Parks & Recreation program, or social services needs addressed via the City's family navigator program. A care plan is then developed with the family and appropriate referrals and linkages are facilitated. The care coordinator works to ensure services connections happen so youth and families don't, "fall thru the cracks."


Our hours for care coordination services are flexible either during our regular office hours 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, or during early evenings per appointment. Families are asked to contact the Department directly to provide brief intake information and to schedule an initial intake /assessment session.  A parent is required to attend an intake /assessment session with the referred youth and must sign a consent form for service connections to be provided. Youth may be seen alone without parental consent under some circumstances.



Department care coordinators are clinicians who hold master’s degrees in social work, counseling, or family therapy.

For more information, contact our office at 203.854.7785

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