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Promoting the Social & Emotional Wellbeing of Families


The mission of Norwalk Youth Services is to promote the development of caring, responsible, and successful young people through our Care Coordination Program, Restorative Justice Initiative, Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program, Mayor's Youth Council and through partnerships with NorwalkACTS and other local youth-focused organizations. We are the designated Youth Service  Bureau for the City of Norwalk.

As a member of the Connecticut Youth Services Association (CYSA) for over 30 years, our Dept. provides information and referrals, supports youth serving agencies and is dedicated to promoting the well-being of the community’s youth and families.

With a focus on coordination and strategic partnerships, the Norwalk Youth Services supports, convenes, strategizes, and collaborates with community partners and stakeholders to ensure that Norwalk youth, from cradle to career, have opportunities to develop the competencies critical to academic success and workforce development, while also disrupting the pipeline of youth justice.

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The Juvenile Review Board (JRB) model has been in existence for 50 years in Connecticut. The Norwalk JRB is a community-based diversion and prevention program for youth that may otherwise be referred to the Juvenile Court for minor offenses and is unique to the community it serves. A Juvenile Review Board is a panel that has been formally designated to review juvenile diversion cases in the State of Connecticut and are usually composed of representatives of local youth service agencies, police departments, and the juvenile court.

There are approximately 30 juvenile review boards currently operating in the State, and although there are similarities, each operates to the specific needs of their community. Norwalk JRB also serves the nearby town of  Weston.

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In Class

Norwalk Youth Services is operated for the purposes of evaluation, planning, coordination and implementation of prevention and treatment services for youth. It also provides the opportunity for youth to develop positively in order to function as responsible members of the community.

The Department offers care coordination and referral services on a voluntary, confidential, no-cost basis to young people and their families. Mental Health staff assess and connect families to behavioral health services in the community based on a young person's need. Referrals for other needs, such as social service needs and/or activity-based needs are also facilitated as a part of the evaluation. Care coordination services are available to youth, ages 11-18, and their families who reside in Norwalk. 


Preparing youth today, for tomorrow & beyond...

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The Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program has impacted the lives of youth by providing them with employment opportunities they might not have been able to secure on their own. Participants, 14-18 years old, learn skills they will use all their working lives. The program provides young people with employment opportunities, and when possible, matches them with employers in their field of interest so they can explore a profession, learn to navigate in a business environment and contribute to the community.


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The City of Norwalk family navigation program has changed how referrals are submitted. The family navigation program is designed to assist families who require a little more support identifying and accessing services for themselves and children in the home. 

There are three categories in which the family navigator provides support to families:
(1)  Provide basic needs information & resources;
(2) Assists youth & family with identifying appropriate resources to address their needs; and
(3) Work with a Youth Services Care Coordinator to help secure behavioral & mental health services.

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Norwalk City Hall

Youth Services Dept.

125 East Ave., Rm 203

Norwalk CT. 06856


David Walenczyk, LMFT

Director of Youth Services

Jay Getner, LMFT

Coordinator of Juvenile Justice Board

Darlene Young

Program Manager

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